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New Website Coming Soon

While our new website is under construction, you can still contact the team at Firebird Support Services.​

You can either fill out our Enquiry Form, call us or email us.

Firebird Support Services Logo

Firebird Support Services is a Wollondilly based, family owned and operated business, focused on providing a range of support services for disabled, elderly, impaired, diverse, and vulnerable members of our community.


We are dedicated to training and up-skilling our team of support professionals to provide the services needed within our community.

What sets us apart:

  • Our employees are trained & educated based on the needs within the community rather than one size fits all.

  • Our staff have lived experience in the failings of support services which drives us to continually build upon and improve the available services.

  • Our team are passionate advocates for vulnerable people.

  • We are focused on what our clients can do rather than what they cannot, therefore continually providing a positive experience. 

  • We are fun and will promote the activities our clients participate in to remove the stigma around disability and support services. We understand that there is much laughter and enjoyment to be had.

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